TPF Financial Budgeting Services

We can help you escape from spreadsheet Hell!

We can also integrate your financial plans with any other business areas

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TPF Merchandise Planning Services

The Planning Factory offer a full service in all areas of merchandise planning

You may need:

  • An audit to measure the effectiveness of your current planning process
  • Assistance with implementation of 3rd party solutions
  • Design and implementation of custom solutions
  • A quickly implemented off the shelf solution
  • Training in merchandise planning concepts and techniques

Whatever your requirements, we will do our best to provide a solution that fits your business

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Cognos TM1 Training

TPF can offer a tailored course on TM1 rules base on your own implementation of the product.

Basic Rule Syntax:

  • Writing rules
  • Order of rule evaluation
  • Use of STET
  • Restricting rules to N: level
  • Back calculation at C: level
  • Restricting the areas that rules are applied to
  • Simple forecasting

Rule Functions

  • A detailed examination of the TM1 specific rule functions and methods

Advanced Rule Usage

  • Inter-tabular rules
  • Using lookups to generalise rules
  • Using Boolean logic in rules
  • Using rules to perform currency conversions
  • Using rules to perform allocations
  • Use of skipcheck & feeders
  • Database sparsity and why we use skipcheck
  • What is a feeder
  • How do we write feeders
  • How do we test the results

Course Information

Duration: 2 days

Location: Training can take place on site or at any other suitable location.

Class Size: Maximum class size is 6 delegates to ensure that all delegates receive proper attention

Cost: Based on time required

For more information contact