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Merchandise Planning Web Based Training

Understanding Retail Merchandise Planning is a constantly evolving challenge.

The Planning Factory has created a training course designed to give delegates a broad understanding of this demanding topic.

The course can be delivered either in-house or as an e-learning course delivered over the web

Delegates from Liwa Holdings, Kojamjoom, Island Pacific, J Sainsbury, Kurt Geiger, Lakeland, Foschini, Michiko Koshino, Evant, LCP and Kurt Salmon Associates have already benefited from this course

An Introduction To Retail Merchandise Planning

Merchandise planning plays a pivotal role in creating and maintaining profitability. No other area within a retail business has such a direct impact on bottom line profit (or loss).

It is, therefore crucial that merchandisers have a broad understanding of the best practice approaches that have evolved over the last 30 years, in order that they are able to optimise the financial return on the investment that is under their control.

Course Objectives

The material is delivered using a combination of screen-based lectures, exercises, chat sessions and forum-based discussion.

Course Content

The course is made up of a series of modules which include:

Merchandise Planning Training

Target Delegates


Course Access

To visit the course web site, and to purchase access, visit our web based training site

What do people say about the course?

"I thought it was an invaluable tool in helping someone like me (a beginner in merchandising/allocating) to get a very good detailed explanation of the merchandise planning process"

Bobby Adonis - Merchandiser - Michiko Koshino Japan Co ltd - UK.

"The course increased my knowledge and confidence as a Merchandise Planner because it gave me an idea how things are done across the world. The topics were discussed in a very simple and comprehensive way, as this is an introduction to Merchandise Planning Course, so even new Planners can appreciate what is being pointed out in each module. Because of this course I actually changed some of my Planning style. I used to plan for as much items as I could but now I've learned to actually prioritize items and try to balance effort and efficiency."

Romina Martinez - Merchandiser - Nayomi - Dubai UAE

"I cannot begin to tell you how much your course has helped with me with my learning process. It has been just tremendous. Thanks once again for a terrific resource! There are distributed resources across the internet and decades of combined experience in an organization but to take it and put it all together like you have done is really impressive. You can most certainly use my comments in any marketing that you do. I would gladly be a 'reference'."

Sash Dru - Consultant - Evant - USA.

"The course gave me a good structure to consider the various elements and to clarify the scope of Merchandise Planning"

David Lucas - Consultant - LCP Consulting Ltd - UK

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