TPF Merchandise Planning Services

The Planning Factory offer a full service in all areas of merchandise, range and assortment planning

You may need:

  • An audit to measure the effectiveness of your current merchandise planning process
  • Assistance with implementation of 3rd party merchandise planning solutions
  • Design and implementation of custom planning solutions
  • A quickly implemented off the shelf solution
  • Training in merchandise planning concepts and techniques

Whatever your requirements, we will do our best to provide a solution that fits your business

TPF Financial Budgeting Services

We can help you escape from spreadsheet Hell!

We can also integrate your financial plans with other business areas

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Merchandise Planning Audit

Merchandise Planning plays a pivotal role in ensuring the profitability of your company.

An audit of your current situation is an investment that will help you to maximise your profit potential.

During an audit we would normally report on the following issues:


  • Do you have a defined business strategy of which the merchandise plan forms a logical component?
  • How does your planning process fit in with the setting and maintenance of your company's long and short term financial goals?

Current Process

  • What is your current planning process?
  • Are you planning at the right levels?


  • Do you have an effective and efficient planning and inventory organization?
  • How do you divide the responsibilities of buyers and merchandisers?
  • Do you have the right existing skill levels, organizational structure, working relationships and job responsibilities?
  • Looking forward what are your training needs, systems requirements and data requirements?


  • How well do your plans integrate with your operational systems?
  • How do your processes interact with other strategic activity (for example with marketing, or product development)?


  • Are your current planning platforms adequate to support the planning process?
  • If not, would buying a third party system improve the situation, and if so which would be the most cost effective for your requirements?

If you would like to discuss an audit with us, please contact John Hobson